No-obligation advice and valuation

The valuation of a property is often underestimated. A good valuation requires market insight, experience and professionalism. A correct price results in a quicker sale.
The first step in the sale process is undoubtedly a correct valuation of your property. This step is of crucial importance for the further progress of the sale. Immo Brown knows the real estate market well and has acquired the necessary expertise to put the right price on each type of property in the region.

Our specialists visit you for a no-obligation talk and a free valuation of your house, villa, apartment or building lot. If we come to an agreement, a more comprehensive valuation is then developed.

After a thorough analysis (style, condition, finish, ...) and measurement of the property – based on specific market parameters and points of comparison - a value is assigned to the real estate. We discuss with you, the owner, the potential of your real estate in the current market.
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